I’ve been saying Seattle’s playbook really isn’t extensive at all but they have a few diverse looks that they just run really well. Marshawn Lynch with the rushing TD to win it HAHA! Peyton Sucks!

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda are all words of a loser Peyton will use one of those words in his post game press conference. His high octane offense couldn’t do crap for a whole half took 2 sneaky routes and a clutch catch to even make this gameĀ  competitive which was absent of a broncos run game. Manning’s “High IQ” should have thrown it 3 times on 3rd in long when he opted to run a draw play?? Thats why they never stood a chance without some luck. The Final score isn’t indicative of how Broncos aren’t on Seahawks level. And Seahawks aren’t even my team but I love their team as my NFC team each year. Manning has the best o-line to he just can’t see Seattle and that Broncos defense stays suspect just like last year. Russell Westbrook makes really good decisions

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Victor Cruz 26 yd TD pass from Eli Manning

how the hell did the Giants win?? lol